Meeting Miniutes [9th April 2k16]

Meeting Miniutes [9th April 2k16]
Meeting Mode: Offline
Meeting At: TP Park
Members Attended: 
  1. Manav
  2. Ritesh
  3. Makrand
  4. Rohan
  5. Siddarth
  6. Gayathri
  7. Poornima
  8. Mukesh
  9. Jaffer
  10. Saiyasodaran


  • Blog Writing:
    • Write down the problem you faced or the doubts that you got cleared after a hard battle in any project. Let the world get enlightened by you. Let them see what you have done and you are doing!
    • Updating the new trending technologies and developments.
  • Portfolio Update:
    • A standard portfolio for our team has to be maintained. That will let our customers have more faith on us. Also, it will lead to a higher cost of products and services with no bargaining! 😉
  • Performers’ Images on WebSite:
    • Best Performers are noted and posted on our official website.
  • Requirement as per the Roadmap:
    • April’16
      • 2 Game Developers – We have 2 Developers for now.
      • 2 Ionic Developers – We have 1 Developer and 2 Trainees.
      • 2 VFX Designers – We have 2
      • 2 VFX Trainees – We have none
      • 2 Graphic Designers – We have 2
      • 2 G-Designing Trainees – We have 1
    • May’16
      • 2 Game Developers
      • 2 Ionic Developers
      • 2 Ionic Trainees
      • 2 PHP Trainees
      • 2 VFX Designers
  • An Event in aaruush’16
    • We have planned to organise an event like “Treasure Hunt” or “Catch The Flag” for this above mentioned fest. Bring in your Ideas too for making the event Unique. (Provided, we are still allowed to meet the call for events. If someone can let me know about it, it will be good!)
  • Pace of works:
    • Just a reminder to you all that working on challenges alone is not what is expected from you all. I want you all to be experienced with different projects. Try your best to get into any of the projects ASAP.
  • Assigning of Proper Leads:
    • Proper Leads in Different domains are chosen and they will have to guide the upcoming freshers.
  • List of Projects that you can start working from now on:\
    • Volunteer Connect – Admin Panel
    • TDCP – Admin Panel
    • TDCP – User Panel
    • TD – Static Website
    • TD – Dynamic Website
    • – Development
    • Samuel Harris School Software
    • Quotes Update – WP Development

Those who have missed the Meeting today, try to come from the next meetings.

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