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About Think-Digital
We Provide Digital Solutuions

Think-Digital is a team founded by the students of SRM University in 2015. The team recruits the interested students over the talented ones to provide collective and personal guidance to develop their skills based on their interest and passion. The team has members right from the first year freshers to the passed out alumni who are still in touch shedding their experience upon their loving juniors. The juniors in team TD, get guidance from their seniors and they pass it on to their juniors and those juniors become the next seniors, and the chain is continuing.

Our Domains

We do not assure to provide you with lectures as such, as you will get a lot of it from your college professors. We curate roadmaps on different domains and provide guidance for Self Study. Thus encouraging you to be technical experts on not just what you know, but what you want to know.

Our Team

We have an awesome team! Alumni turned mentors, students turned teachers, continuing the cycle of providing to the student community. 

Meet the team, the pillars of the club without whom Think-Digital wouldn't be what it is today. 

Tech Stack
Contributing to the society.

We've worked with Bhumi NGO by building live websites and applications to support their cause.

Bhumi’s Mission is to drive social change by fostering an environment where young adults and children learn, lead, and thrive

Think-Digital's mission to empower and help students be independent.
Our Alumni
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