Weekend Productive Sessions

An Initiative by Think-Digital

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P(r) = ~0.1

r = reaching out to industry experts

Aiming to Increase this Probability, &
looking forward to building a Massive Network of

Passionate Students,
Hustling Entrepreneurs,
Working Professionals.

Fuse into our Network of Digital Thinkers!

2015- Reaching students from few states of India.

2021- Reaching students from almost every state of India.

Mission WPS

"Weekend Productive Session"

Weekdays days are usually busy with our regular routines!
So, Weekends can be used to build our future!

During the given time frame, the registered student has the freedom to express his passion in his career.

A Student can come up with real-life scenarios where he is facing hurdles to achieve his goals.

At a high level, the mentor is expected to express compassion towards the emotions of the student mentee.

We trust our members who take up the mentor role. They are capable of lending ears to the speaker.

Kickstart your Career with one of these domains!

Full Stack Image
Full Stack Web Development

Learn the fundamentals of Web Development.

Kickstart with Web
Mobile Application Image
Mobile Application Development

You'll get started with Mobile App development.

Kickstart with Mobile
Internet of Things Image
Internet of Things

Currently we are not holding WPS for this domain. You can choose to learn it after joining the team.

Kickstart with IoT
Machine Learning Image
Machine Learning

Currently we are not holding WPS for this domain. You can choose to learn it after joining the team.

Kickstart with ML

Not a Techie? Chill buddy! We got you!!

Content Generation Image
Content Generation

Learn the fundamentals of Content Generation in the age of Social Media.

Kickstart with Contents
Social Media Image
Social Media Marketing

Currently we are not holding WPS for this domain. You can choose to learn it after joining the team.

Kickstart with Marketing

8 Weeks Roadmap

This is a generic roadmap! Custom roadmap for you and your domain will be shared via email during the first session

Choose your Domain

Week 1

Get to know the Vision, Mission. Also, learn how to get the most out of this 8 week programme!

05 Sept 2021

Get Set Tools

Week 2

Learn the basics of your domain & ensure that you have all the set up required!

12 Sept 2021

Kickstart your Tech

Week 3

Start your hands-on sessions with your technical mentors & follow your programme mentors!

19 Sept 2021

Is it this simple?

Week 4

This is how most people think it is, once they learn the basics! You will learn beyond the basics here!

26 Sept 2021

This is Cool!

Week 5

You will learn to make things better! You will be probably applying cosmetics by now!

03 Oct 2021

See it happen!

Week 6

You will see what you wanted! This is a great milestone! If you are here, you are an achiever, for sure!!

10 Oct 2021

Show me your skills!

Week 7

Dare, accepting our bet? If you could enhance your demo with something more than what you have, with what you have learnt, you are hired into the team!

17 Oct 2021

This is all for you!

Week 8

The Surprises & Bonuses! Receive your Awards & Certificates! Your Real Game starts!

24 Oct 2021

Some FAQs

How much does the 8 weeks programme cost?

The 8 week programme is free of cost. The vision we are looking forward to is much more than any cost. After 8 weeks, when you are onboarded to our team officially, it adds up a lot of progress in our vision.

How do I stay connected after registering?

You will be added to a WhatsApp group for regular conversations. Your task submission will take place in the Discord Server.

Is it important to attend all 8 sessions to become a part of the team?

Not exactly, you can be absent for a session by notifying us beforehand. We can share the recording of the same for you to cope up!

What if I get stuck or feel lost in between the programme?

It’s understood that you are new to the development environment and we are always there to help you cope up with your tasks. We want you to post your query in your corresponding WhatsApp group or Discord channel and get your Mentor’s help immediately.

How do I submit my tasks for the week?

No there isn't, instead you could opt for the free plan, if you need more services then upgrade to the monthly payment plan

What if I cannot complete my tasks on time?

You can either push your latest work to your GitHub repo or zip your content and email it to us at team@think-digital.in with a subject in the format - “WPS Task Submission | < Full Name> | Week < number>”. Once you do it, please acknowledge the same via Discord Server

More questions during the programme?

Shoot your questions to our Inbox on Instagram/Facebook or directly ask in your corresponding WhatsApp group or Discord channel.

Can I show my WPS completion letter as an Internship certificate?

No, the letter of completion for WPS will be useful to add to your portfolio. However, the value you get joining our team is worthier than the letter you obtain.