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About us G Surendar Thina February 6, 2020
We started this community 7 years ago in SRM University, out of a desire to help college students build careers from scratch.

In the initial days, we were very keen to impact only the students of SRM University, as it was easy.

However, it has changed quite a lot, by 2022.

Now, anyone can gain access to our community of 750+ Students, Entrepreneurs and Working Professionals!


In 2022, we did our first event in a tier 2 college, which brought us to a change in our belief system.

We realized that the impact created in a tier 2 college was more than the usual impact in SRM Univ.

Hence, we're open to helping students across various colleges across Chennai.

7 years ago

with a mission to help college students build careers from scratch, we recognised that many students struggle to find their footing after graduation, and we wanted to provide a platform where students could connect with like-minded individuals, build skills, and gain valuable experience.

Over the years

we’ve developed a range of programs and initiatives to provide an industry exposure before graduation. This includes workshops, networking events, and much more. We’ve also built a strong online community, where members can connect with each other and share resources and advice.


our community is a thriving network of 750+ students, entrepreneurs, and working professionals. We’re currently the most active students’ community in Tamil Nadu, and we’re dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of college students.

7 years we have built careers for the passionates, over the talented.

Our success story?

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Our members expertise

Whatever you aspire to become,
get started here.
We have expertise​ in a wide range of platforms for your aspiring tech!
Web Design & Development

Design involves creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites. Development involves building and maintaining the functions and features of a website.

Internet of Things

The interconnected network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity.

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Analyzing and interpreting complex data sets to uncover insights and inform decision-making. Using algorithms and models to analyze data, learn from that data, and make a prediction about future events.

Content & Social Media

Creating different forms of information or material (text, image, video, audio) for a specific audience with a purpose. Utilizing online platforms to create, share, and engage with content.

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Products by our students


It is teamwork that makes the dream work.

With years of experience in the web design and development, we’re actively building an application for our community with personalised features to engage our community.

  • Easily connect with the network of over 700+ members
  • Know your mentors, peers and their contributions
  • Manage your tasks and assignments in one place

other products include...

English for Nurses

App to learn English
5,000+ downloads

English for Nurses App is a language-learning tool designed to help nurses improve their English communication skills through interactive lessons, quizzes, and real-life scenario-based exercises.



Writers' Community App
100+ downloads

High4Teens App is a platform for young writers to showcase their writing skills, connect with other young writers, get feedback on their writing, and be part of an encouraging community.


Attendance Monitoring

Attendance using IoT
Releasing Soon

An Attendance Management System using IoT involves using interconnected devices, such as biometric scanners or RFID systems, to automatically track and manage members attendance in real-time.


Industrial Visits

Industrial Visits, to provide an exposure to the realtime industry, and get to know what it takes to build and run companies.
Cloudera Data Platform

Offline Networking ConnectUps

Offline events, with a focus of providing industry exposure to college students before graduation!
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Web Developer
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