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Indeed your Launch Pad for your Career ahead, before you Graduate!


7th June, 2024


7th July, 2024

How does our LPA programme transform you?


Transform your college experience by helping you discover your true potential, expand your network, and gain invaluable exposure to new opportunities. We ensure this via experiential workshops, mentorships, and real-world experiences.

With our exclusive INEA Framework, you’ll not only be self-driven, but experience a collaborative culture to gain your Industry Exposure before graduation.

Your Transformative Journey towards the Top 10% starts here


This is all about figuring out who you are and what makes you awesome!

Your identity is known through your stories that you document online, your digital resume (aka) Portfolio, and your Proof of Work; they add credibility to who you are!

What is NETWORK?

Think of this as your support squad.

It’s about building connections with other students, teachers, and people in the industry you’re interested in. These connections can offer advice, help you learn new things, and maybe even hook you up with cool opportunities.


Exposure is all about “learning by doing”. It’s about getting out there and experiencing things beyond your textbooks.

This could mean doing internships, visiting companies to see how things work, or attending talks by experts in your field. It broadens your horizons and helps you see the real-world applications of what you’re learning.


It’s your guidebook to life after college.

It’s about being aware of your options and knowing what’s happening in the world around you. From different career paths to industry trends to personal development opportunities, awareness helps you make informed decisions about your future.

Our LPA Covers

  • Professional Portfolio 
  • Credible Proof of Work
  • Authentic Documenting
Handfull of NETWORK
  • Building Meaningful Connections
  • Grow your Network as a Community
  • Leveraging your Network for Opportunities
  • Strengthening Bonds in Person
  • Engaging with your Cohort Peers
  • Showcasing your Identity & Network
  • Access to Real-World Industry
  • Exclusive Industrial Visit
  • Access to Premium Exposure Events
  • Domain Specific Awareness through Industry Experts
  • Access to on-demand 1:1 Mentorships
  • Essentials of Finance & Time Management for College Students

Access to Exclusive Community of Top 10% Students

Who can join LPA?

Our LPA caters every College Student with an Aspiration to Succeed


Under Graduate students innovating ideas, aspiring to launch startups, and shaping industries


College students preparing for traditional careers, seeking stability and growth in structured work environments


College students developing skills for independent work, aiming for flexibility as freelancers


“Got to learn the latest current trends, emerging technologies, and the evolving landscape, providing valuable insights for professionals in the field. It's encouraging to witness the collaborative spirit that events like these cultivate”
"One of the key takeaway for me was the idea of being a product. This perspective made me to think about presenting myself as a valuable product that interviewers would want to buy immediately."
"The experience was like something out of a feel-good movie – laughter, friendly competition, with making new connections. What's even more interesting is that, some individuals traveled a whopping 40 KMs just to join us and cultivate new connections!"

LPA Onboarding Process

A Transformative Journey to

Become One among the Top 10%

You get

Network of Peers & Industry Experts
Holistic Portfolio with POW & Social Presence
Certification & Community Access


Any undergrad college student with any career aspiration in the Engineering stream is eligible for this programme. 

If you are from non-Engineering stream and still interested in joining us, please fill out this application

Yes, you would get a completion certificate from the Think-Digital Community, if you complete the programme successfully on-time.

The INEA Programme in our Launch Pad Academy is curated to be conducted on both offline and online formats depending on the curriculum.

  • We offer proactive support for all aspects of the workshop, including curriculum, modules, and activity submissions. Our community is here to assist you every step of the way.

  • Additionally, as part of the curriculum, you’ll have access to on-demand mentorship from industry experts

Yes, all the resources and the materials will be available for 1 year from the start of the Programme.

Any undergrad college student who is going to be graduated on 2025 or after, can participate in this Programme.

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